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A commitment to quality

About us

Vision, Concept
& Future...

Blitz Technology was established in 2021 by a motivated and dynamic team who embarked on extensive planning to realize their vision. Our team comprises a group of young, passionate, and energetic individuals who have made significant contributions to groundbreaking projects in leading corporations within the country. We have conducted comprehensive research across various fields, including embedded systems, electronics, image processing, and artificial intelligence. Our experience spans a wide range of areas, including fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft design, composite manufacturing, electronic card design, image processing, network connectivity, and user interface.

Our Office

We operate in Teknopark Istanbul, an R&D zone supervised by the Ministry of Technology and Industry Türkiye. We benefit from export and tax incentives, with two of our projects actively supported through technology development zone incentives.

What we do
Our Capabilities.

Image processing solutions with advanced features, such as Advanced object tracking, Object detection, Picture-in-Picture, Roll correction, Moving Target Indicator, Geo-Location, Map Support, and Full HD video outputs.

Intelligence, Surveillance and reconnaissance

Gimbal Payloads

From 1.5 kg to 10 kg Payloads

We provide a diverse selection of Gimbal (ISR) system solutions designed for Aerial, Land, and Sea platforms, available in varying sizes, capabilities, and weights. We take pride in our weight-optimized solutions, configurable products, after-sales services, and software upgrades, all of which are designed to enhance user satisfaction.

Software & Embedded Systems

Yocto-embedded Linux Applications

As Blitz Technology, we are a leading solution provider of embedded systems application development services, leveraging cutting-edge products from Texas Instruments and ST Microelectronics. Additionally, we specialize in developing Yocto-embedded Linux applications, including multimedia, control panels, touch screens, and display applications.

Image & Video Processing

Complete ISR Software Capabilities

Our image processing solutions are equipped with a variety of advanced features, including object tracking, object detection, Picture in Picture, roll correction, moving target indicator, geolocation, and map support. For more information on our imaging solutions, please refer to our Software section.

Customized Solution

End-to-end Tailored Solutions

We understand your unique needs and requirements. If our existing solutions do not meet your needs, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your specifications. Our dedication to meeting your needs extends beyond product customization. We also offer comprehensive after-sales support, including maintenance, repairs, and software upgrades. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the best possible service and support throughout the lifetime of our products.